• Marking the boundaries of your property. A vinyl or wood picket fence is great as a backyard or property fence. They look great and provide a bit of privacy as well.
  • Adding beauty to your home. Nothing adds to your property value like a well maintained and professionally installed picket fence. It gives a property a certain homey feel that buyers respond to so they definitely increase your homes curb appeal. On the flip side, nothing will hurt your homes chances of selling like a poorly maintained, dilapidated fence.
  • Keeping your little ones safely in the yard. Whether you have small children or pets, you have to make sure they have a safe place to play. A picket fence can provide them the security they need while still letting you keep an eye on them.
  • Keeping unwanted visitors out. A picket fence may not add as much security as a privacy fence but most people don’t need it too. If you want to keep wild animals, bored neighborhood kids and solicitors out of your yard then a picket fence fits the bill and looks good doing it.